Workspace for your OMICS data and Project

Cloud Storage

Unlimited storage space with no requirements on storage duration. Secure and expandable storage space, high-speed data transmission.

File Upload

Multiple Upload options.

Support resume from break-point anytime, anywhere.

Data consistency check to ensure that the data is correct.

Easy to analysis

Graphical interface replaces tedious command line, to start the bioinformatic analysis process quickly. The distributed job scheduling engine, dynamically adjust the number and type of calculation to ensure the parallel calculation of tasks and to improve the computing speed.

Public Resources

Provides common genome datasets Provides common tools and pipelines to assist data analysis.


Project-based collaboration system provides flexible privileges control for project members, to improve the efficiency. The data, tools and pipelines are sharable, allowing data owners to control the access of their data.


Visual pipeline editor - users could edit the pipeline conveniently or build a pipeline from the scratch according to their requirements, they could also debugging the pipeline online. is a web application for interpreting human variations.The application has integrated >30 highly-referenced medical databases (>500GB) to help users complete the variation annotation, pathogenic classification and visualization


The mutation results, alignment information, transcripts and other related information will be shown in an integrated interface, to support the comparison of the genetic information for multiple samples in a high performance.